martedì 8 giugno 2010

PMC - little status update

Yo ppl, long time not posting anything: too bad :/

For those who still don't know PMC stands for Plasma Media Center.
I know you're not hearing back from the media center land but we are working hard to deliver a great user experience plus we're shy developers and don't want too much attention :p. Joking, actually we'll show you what we're achieving so far as soon as we get something usable.

The little status update is about the Nepomuk influence in PMC which finally is taking its path. I've just added the ability to browse through Nepomuk resources. No boring navigation through your pictures path, just fire PMC up and browse through the indexed photos.

When nepomuk is enabled you can add the folders you want pictures from. Currently such paths have to be present in the nepomukstrigirc config file but soon PMC will check this for you and eventually add them. If you don't specify any path PMC will show you every single indexed picture on your PC :p.

Such new feature is still not there on the SVN as i'd like to move the nepomuk interaction code somewhere lower level in order to eventually allow any backend to take advantage of it.

This is just a little feature we're working on PMC and I won't anticipate anything further. Just to let you know, though, there'll be a meeting in #plasma-mediacenter, likely this weekend, and we'll discuss some important priorities we want to focus our efforts on. So you're all invited to take part, especially if you want to contribute as there are jobs for you :)

The techbase page is always there if you want more info.

P.S.: Just almost forgetting:
And that's the first time for me so I hope to meet you all live :p


3 commenti:

  1. ciao alessandro

    ma questo progetto farà il suo esordio con kde 4.5?
    un "media center" plasmoso ci manca davvero su plasma..
    ma funzionerà come attività?

  2. @Anonimo: ciao. no, non farà il suo esordio con 4.5 anche perchè come ho già detto c'è ancora molto lavoro da fare. Al momento stiamo realizzando un'intera shell dedicata anche se i componenti che lo costituiscono potrebbero eventualmente permettere di usarlo come attività. In ogni caso, per favore, se è possibile commenta in inglese :)

    Ciao, e grazie per l'interessamento.

  3. sorry for my italian language..however the idea of plasma media center as plasma activity is wonderful
    because I think many people would use plasma media center as plasma activity
    nepomuk(strigi) + plasma media center + multimedia the great goal..
    I hope we can use this activity as soon as possible..

    how is this shell?does it use plasmoid component?